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Game News
Welcome to Die With Honor.

This is a multi-gaming clan/guild.

Currently we are into Starcraft 2 and Bad Company 2. More changes to come are being addressed and mmo's such as wow, aion or eve are still on cards whether or not we will evolve into them.

DWH's goal is to become one of the biggest clan's/guild's known to the computer gaming industry and the more people we have, the stronger we will become and the greater the glory we shall receive.

So if you have been invited or are passing through searching for a clan to call home, feel free to apply and we will welcome you with arms wide open!

Recruiting is open to all SC2 and BC2 players!

Let the recruitment be done with so that the war can begin!!!!


Guild News

Take this clan seriously!!!!

Exiler65, Aug 19, 10 4:03 PM.
I don't know if there is going to be future members with the same attitude but 1 member just made it clear that he sucks at a game we want to specialize in. If he sucks so much then why did he join? Why did he join knowing that we want the clan to be one of the best the world has ever seen!?

I will be fair and say this once. When we have the clan in shape to practice, everyone must take it serious or take a hike. This is not just a fun clan but serious as well. There will be times to have fun and there will be times to be serious about. We wont be 24/7 hardcore dedicated players but we will be hardcore when we want to do serious league games and compete to become the best!!!!

I dont EVER want to hear from any member that they dont think we will make it that far or that he knows his limits. IF you think you know your limits then you dont!!! There is no limits to how much you can improve yourself! So get your acts together, shape up and be proud of yourself!

If you can't get this done, then let me know and I will deal with it accordingly.
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Die With Honor is currently looking into spacing multiplayer at starcraft 2 and battlefield bad company 2. WoW and EVE is still on the cards.
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